When Vacuum Cleaner Invented: The Brief History of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are one of the best inventions of science. It is a device which uses the vacuum to suck different kinds of dirt and particles from floors and other surfaces. It can even suck up from furniture and upholstery. Making sure every item of the house or office is clean is the primary job of these appliances, and these devices do their job pretty well. But they haven’t been like this from the very start. It has a story that goes back about 200 years. In the article, we will be talking about when vacuum cleaner invented.

When Vacuum Cleaner Invented

The History Invention of Vacuum Cleaners: When Vacuum Cleaner Invented


The first model of these kinds of appliances was patented during the 1800s (1858 to be precise). Hiram Herrick was the person who invented it. But the model was not properly developed, and it was easier for people to use the traditional sweeps rather than his version of the cleaner. So, it didn’t receive much success.

1860’s – 1869’s

In the year 1860, Daniel Hess came up with a different but easy to operate version, but it was not produced in a massive range. Nine years later, Ives W. McGuffey patented another version, but that machine was crank operated. So, that didn’t gain much popularity either.

When vacuum cleaners were invented, it didn’t gain the popularity it should have gotten mainly because of one reason that is the absence of motors in them. No other type of operations could do the work of a sweeper with so much ease as a motor operated appliance can do.


In the year 1899, John Thurman invented the first motorized version of the model, and since then, the machine has been only getting popular. It was run on gas, and it didn’t use the vacuum suction method. Instead, it used compressed air to do its job, but that did get the job done. Those devices were cumbersome and were not as much easy to use as the devices nowadays are. But those did pave the way for modern day devices.


In the year 1901, Hubert Cecil Booth invented the first vacuum cleaner that ran on electricity. Its primary function was similar to the modern devices as it used a tube to clean dirt by applying vacuum to suck the particles. After the invention of this, everything began to change. People started coming up with more and more ideas regarding this gadget. Different new types were invented. The priorities changed. Even the style changed.


In the year 1905, Walter Griffiths invented the first portable vacuum cleaner. Earlier, the cleaners used to be heavy and couldn’t be used at all the places of the house as it was an arduous task to carry them from one place to another. Though it had a lot of flaws, it did come up with all the ideas required for a portable machine. All it needed was time to modernize and cater to the needs of the consumers.

Another important type invented is Hoover. It is one of the most used types of vacuum cleaners. The design is simple. It is very easy to clean houses or office with this type of cleaners. One can easily roll it, and it would clean the dust and other particles under it.


James Murray Spangler invented this model in the year 1908. Though it couldn’t get popular at that time as the inventor ran out of money to produce a huge number of it. But now, all the vacuum cleaner companies have at least one model of this type to cater to the needs of the customers.

The Upright Vacuums

Another type that is similar to the hoover type is the upright vacuums. But it is much more comfortable to use, and it became the housewives favorite as they didn’t face any troubles while carrying it around the house.
The Robotic Vacuums

The Robotic Vacuum

Now, the model that is getting the highest amount of popularity is the robotic type of vacuum cleaners. These are mainly those cleaners that don’t need any human support to operate. They mainly function with the help of preinstalled programs in it. When somebody specifies the time, power, etc. with the help of the application that is installed on the cellphones or computers, it operates automatically.

After it is done cleaning the whole house or office, it goes back to its recharge station and sits there in idle mode. It has cameras and sensors to detect obstacles and the mapping of the house. It is the future of vacuum cleaners as it removes all kinds of hard work that one had to do earlier to clean an area.

Growing with the Modern Technology

With time, the focus of the companies has changed. Earlier, it was to invent models that lessen the hard work of people. Now, it is all about portability, lightweight, health, and hygiene. It mainly focuses on developing new models that would allow people suffering from dust allergy to clean their house without any problem.

It is also about power now. The cleaners have so much power that they can clean up to 98% of the dust particles in just a single swipe. Who thought that would be possible even just a few decades back?


Just think about it. Even 100 years back, when vacuum cleaner invented, those were huge appliances that needed 5/6 people even to carry them throughout the house. It needed gas to run, and it couldn’t even clean like a sweep. It also costed a fortune to buy one. Not many people could afford to buy one.

Now, the whole scenario has changed. It is a portable device now. Cleaners nowadays are so lightweight that even a child can carry one. And talking about power, these things have so much suction power that they can collect dust from sofas or any furniture. People need to turn on the device, and the job gets done.

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