Vacuum Smells Like Burning: How to Keep Vacuum Cleaners Smell Fresh

A bad vacuum can never do good to anyone. Neither it gives a good performance, nor it gives off a good smell. And people end up asking their machine that why vacuum smells like burning and why does it even exist. However, your vacuum smells bad but that does not mean that the machine is a bad pick. If you take a little attempt, you can shoo away the burning sensation. Even if not the burning but it will literally not give a bad stench.

Vacuum Smells Like Burning

So, if you find yourself a victim who wants the vacuum to smell fresh, then congrats, you have stopped by an appropriate article. Because this writes up will let you know what you should be doing when your machine smells bad.

Few Tips for Fresh Smell When Vacuum Smells Like Burning

Deodorizing It

If you own a bag-less vac, then you will need to add an extra vacuuming step to your routine of deodorizing. In place of changing the bag, you will need to empty the chamber out where all the grimes get stored.

Then you will need to mop it down using a rag with warm, soapy water. Although you might think the step to be very simple you will indeed notice the difference.

It will not only prevent the dirt from stocking up but will also stop them to cake the walls with the dust particles. However, leave the vacuum open so it can get time to get dried out thoroughly. After it gets dried, you can close the trap door and kick off vacuuming again.

On the other hand, if you own a cleaner that requires storage vacuum bags, then it will be a lot helpful to wipe it out in an easier way. Just have the interior of the cleaner wiped out where the bag sit while changing the bag and then you are good to go.

Filter Cleaning or Filter Changing

There are some cleaner models that require changing the filter every now and then. Then again, there are some that will need you to wash and re-use the same filter again and again. It’s wise you look into the manual of the company so you can find out which type of the vacuums you possess.

Although, It is considered to be standard if you change the filter once in a month, if you increase the frequency, it will be great for you. This way, you can keep the machine smelling fresh.

Clean Vacuum Filters

If you want more freshness, then employ yourself to wash the filter regularly. Just rinse it out with cool water and do this for the next 5 minutes. In the end, you will get to feel the freshness of the vacuum.

However, try to keep rinsing and tapping the filter gently until all the dirt comes out. Leave it to dry out for about 24-hours before you re-use it.

Rotating Add-ons Rinsing

Obviously you have to make it possible to keep your rotating power add-ons clean. Sometimes, those add-ons tend to get clogged up making the machine to get slowed down and you will not even realize it. So, it is better if you turn them over have a look into it every now and then.

You might find some hair or fur stuck in the ball or you might notice the accumulating caked-on grimes around the surface leading it to the spread out of bad smell from the machine, you never know. So, if you want to keep your vac smelling fresh, then you won’t mind doing it, will you?

Kick off by utilizing a pair of scissors so you can cut through hairs or furs that got draped around the rotating add-ons. Then, use a pencil like a thing for poking it up into the tube so you can check out whether there is anything else stuck in there.

If you notice a hairball, then just knock the ball around a little, it should get out. After that, turn the cleaner on and remove all the mess that has been clogging stuff up. Then, wind up by cleaning the caked-on grimes with the soapy water and then leave the add-ons for drying out.

Add Fresh Smell, Minus the Stench

By this time, I expect you to have a clean hard floor vacuum cleaner already and fit, inside out, I would encourage you to add a fresh fragrance to the machine. It will not give a fresh smell to the vac. but also it will help the air feel fresh when you turn it on.

Vacuum Cleaner Fresheners

For this, try to vacuum something up that will smell fresh and do it each time when you will be changing the bag or emptying the dust chamber. This way, there will be no burning smell of the vacuum as well to give you irritation.

There are many products available in the market that are really convenient and natural as well. you will find them in the form of tiny granules that you can use by sprinkling them down on your rug and then vacuuming up. If you want, you can make one yourself, that will be way pocket-friendly.

Just add some baking soda with about 10 drops of essential oil in a jar and mix them. Then sprinkle the mixture down over the rug and leave it as is for some time.

Not only it will clean the germ and dirt in a better way, but also it will give your vacuum a fresh smelling. If you want, you can also do the same with adding lemon or lemongrass as they have a great smell of freshness.

Purchasing Perfume Pads

You can also make a purchase of perfume pads for your vac. Pick a fragrance that you find appealing and buy it. Then, put the pad on the filter as directed.

Just after you turn the vacuum on, the perfume pads will spread a gentle smell into your home as the air passes all the way through space. Not only it will remove the burning smell from the machine, but also lifts up your mood.

Final Words

Before actually trying to do something, you should probably try to identify why the vacuum smells like burning and where the problem comes from.

For example, if the motor of your vacuum overheats and you stay unaware of it, you’ll just waste precious time trying to eliminate the odor with perfume pads or by replacing filters. If you know what’s wrong, then it won’t take very long for you to deal with it.

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