Robot Vacuum Buying Guide: 8 Things Before Buying a Robot Vacuum

It’s fun to eat your spaghetti delectably if you have great suction power. But all the fun shoos away when you find out that you got a big cleaning chore to work out. Both of your mind and your heart are saying no to the task, but that’s when the time comes when you call out a robot cleaner for help. Although just wandering around the market and pick a random robovac will not get you the best one. To get the best one, it is essential to keep some of the factors to consider. And I promise that here in this robot vacuum buying guide, you will get all better suggestions to think through.

Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

Robot Vacuum Buying Guide: 8 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Robot Vacuum

1. Sensor Tech System

Majority of the robot vacuums come with smart sensor technology that helps them deal with their way around the house. For instance, there are some robots that come with three sensors with a camera.

Obstacle Sensors

With this sensor, the robot will sense the obstacles such as sofas, chair legs or toys and make it move away from them until they find their way cleared. There are many sensors that deal with obstacles via slowing down and then head for collecting the dirt.

Wall Sensors

With these sensors, the robot tends to drive along with the edge of the walls by detecting the barrier through infrared light. The sensors help the cleaner follow the edges and clean the dirt from them to give a thorough cleaning.

Cliff Sensors

With these sensors, the robot will detect a gap on sensors help to make them sense that they have reached a cliff point. This is thorough help to the robot to divert its direction to the edge surface.

2. Auto-Scheduling Attributes

While some robovacs work with just a push to start, there are some that work with more advanced options. Simple robots need nothing but a push and all the tasks will get completed. But as for the advanced models, they have these auto-scheduling features that opened the field of versatility.

Auto Scheduling for Robot Vacuum

There is a range of schedule starting from daily to weekly to every other day, you will just need to set one up. And then pick a particular time to kick off. Then voila! Let yourself observe the auto work of the cleaner.

The robovac is a kind of a helping hand from a friend when you don’t have time to do the work.

In general, the more latest the robovac will be, the more schedule features you will find.

3. Better Batteries

Just like most of the machines, robot too runs on battery. This is something that you cannot even think of skipping up. As it will determine how long you can run the robovac and how long you will be required to get it recharged fully, this factor is essential.

Majority of the robots come with a run-time of around an hour! But you will find them getting returned to the dock station automatically (or manually by you) after it runs out of juices. However, you can still judge the robot with its runtime and run-out traits like:

  • Less than 60 minutes: Obviously unacceptable.
  • 60 minutes: Pocket-friendly robot, passable.
  • 60 minutes to 80 minutes: Average runtime.
  • Above 80 minutes: Better than the best.

Just as it has been said that nowadays, the latest robovacs come with the skill power to be able to return to the dock station on its own when it senses low-battery. After they are done getting recharged, they start resuming their work right where they left off. Hence, the grading will be:

  • Ones that run unless they die and require to be placed at the charge station: Neh!
  • Ones that are able to detect low battery and get returned to the station automatically for recharge: A decent package.
  • Ones that are able to detect a low battery, get returned to the station for recharge and resume working automatically from where they left: A great deal!
  • Ones that have longer battery life and quick recharge system with automatic-return-to-dock-station and automatic-resume-work features: Better than the best.

So, go for batteries that will be long-lasting and will offer great runtime and charging time.

4. Mopping Mission and Suction Skill

This is perhaps, what perhaps, this is the most obviously important features to look into. How well will the robovac clean without any kind of fuss?

Powerfill Suction and Mopping

As for the power of suction, it can be a complex performance element to measure. But it does not mean you will opt for more watt power as it will definitely no signify having more powerful suction.

So, push yourself for finding information on water-lift and airflow capacity which will define how swiftly the air will move across the device.

Power of suction can also be measured by the capacity of brush-head which will loosen the grimes off the rug and suck them. For this, the head opening size can also be a bigger element to consider.

5. Brush Bracket

The types of brush on your robovac will determine how great it will clean the dust. While some robots come with a brush bar with beaters that lift the grime and suck it, there are some that include full-width turbo brash to offer wider clean coverage.

There are sweeper brushes that rotate on the edge of the machine and you will find them very handy for leading the grimes to the path of the cleaner.

6. Dustbin Dimensions

Although this one feature particular involves manual function, so you will have to take all the effort to empty the bin. However, itis better that you look for a bigger sized bin. It will determine how often you will be needed to halt the operation and head for voiding the bin to re-do it.

7. Wi-Fi App Worth

Wi-Fi control happens to be in style nowadays. The capacity to control and maneuver your cleaner with your smartphone app is something that you would wish for.

With this, you can schedule the vacuum manually to clean during a time that you set and program. So, if you want flexibility and convenience, this factor is a must have.

8. Maintenance Musts

Robot vacuums need some regular maintenance. But if you just bought, then you won’t be needing as much regular care as the old ones do.

Many of the advanced technologies have appeared that did lessen the load of chores for the device. Such technology like auto recharge option has reduced the human contribution amount greatly.

Nonetheless, no matter how much latest the robovacs are, they will still need some attention every so often. You will still have to empty are some when it gets overfilled, replace the batteries over time when they stop working.


Now that you know from the robot vacuum buying guide what you could get with a robot vacuum, finding the right robot vacuum shouldn’t be very difficult. If you find that this or that feature is the thing that’ll help you keep your floors and carpets clean, then you would obviously need to look for it in your next robot vacuum.

Keep your needs in mind, pick the features that you want, and you should a push find the robot vacuum that’s made just for you!

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