Recycle Vacuum Cleaner: 10 Useful Ways of Repairing & Reusing

Vacuum cleaners are some of the most common (and useful) cleaning items that can be found in most homes. They work by suctioning dirt and dust particles from furniture, floors and every corner of the room and make cleaning time easy and fast. But just like everything else, vacuum cleaners also break down and need replacements. We are going to show you ways in which you can repair, re-use or recycle vacuum cleaner and make the best use of it.

Recycle Vacuum Cleaner

Once something stops performing the way it used to we usually think of just throwing it away, or if we don’t have the heart to throw it away, we store it for days knowing that we will probably never use it again.

But what if we could make use of those items again? Recycling items is not a new thing and you will be happy to know that even vacuum cleaners can be recycled. We will discuss a few effective ways to do it.

10 Best Ways to Recycle Vacuum Cleaner

1. Repair

Why give or throw away something that can be fixed and used again? If your vacuum cleaner suddenly stops working then don’t be quick in replacing it with a new one. Find out what the problem is.

Sometimes just getting a new unit may seem like the easiest option and the best way to save you from all the trouble of taking it for repairs and spending extra cash to get it fixed, but having to pay for repairs still, cost less than buying a brand new product.

If you are lucky and the problem is fixable then your vacuum cleaner will work again just like before, although repaired items never carry any guarantee of their durability. It is possible that your vacuum will break down again and you will finally have to get a new one.

However, there is also a bigger chance of it getting repaired and performing well once again. So, if your budget doesn’t allow you to make a new purchase then trying to get it fixed first will be a good idea.

2. Re-sell

There are many vacuum cleaner retailers that take in old vacuum cleaners for a reduced price. They usually buy old items and refurbish them before selling them as secondhand items to customers who do not want to spend money on purchasing new products.

New vacuum cleaners come at a price and not everyone can afford one, so they settle for these revamped ones.

Re-sell Vacuum Cleaner

If your vacuum cleaner can be fixed then retailers will have no problem in buying it from you. Don’t expect a large sum of money, however, you will at least be able to get something out of it. And you can always add a little more cash to later invest in a new vacuum cleaner for yourself.

3. Re-sell Parts

If your old vacuum cleaner cannot be repaired at all then don’t despair, you can still sell its parts. There are shops that buy parts and chances are that your vacuum cleaner has many useful parts, regardless of whether they still operate or not. These parts are used in fixing other machines that require replacing faulty parts.

4. Recycle The Metal and Copper

Old model vacuum cleaners contain large pieces of metal which can be taken and melted down for other uses. Scrap yards can buy the metal and also the copper found in the cords.

We suggest you disassemble the unit and take the recyclable parts to these places to find out what they are worth.

5. Re-use Parts

Okay, this will only apply if you have the skills to repair electronic items. If your vacuum cleaner has become old and you do not use it anymore, don’t throw it away because its parts can be used in the future.

Reuse Vacuum Cleaner Parts

If your new vacuum cleaner ever breaks down or has a defected part then you can replace it with a part from your old vacuum and save yourself some cash. This may not always be possible, especially if your new unit is designed in a different manner but it is still worth a shot.

6. Use It as a Spare

If your old vacuum cleaner is portable and easy to carry around then keep it for traveling with. You may want to upgrade to a better machine for your current home but if you have a holiday home then you can take along your old unit.

Travelling puts a lot of strain on items and if your new vacuum cleaner is an expensive one then you wouldn’t want to risk damaging it. This is when you can make good use of the old one as you won’t have to be extra careful with it.

7. Give It to a Close Friend or Family Member

If you know someone who wouldn’t mind receiving and using a secondhand item then you can present them with your old vacuum cleaner, provided it still works well.

It is a very useful item for anyone moving to a new apartment or going away to college or even for someone with a second home. A close friend badly in need of a vacuum cleaner will probably appreciate and have better use for it than you would.

8. Charity

If none of your friends or family member is in need of one then just donate it. Your church, school, old age home or any other local institution will be glad to have it.

It is a very handy tool to clean up messes and every home needs one. If you personally know someone who cannot afford to buy one then it will be the perfect opportunity to help out someone in need.

9. Maintain Your Old Vacuum Cleaner

Most home appliances break down due to lack of maintenance. A lot of electronic items come with warranty periods but all of them will stop working at some point or the other.

You can increase the life of your vacuum cleaner by using it correctly and keeping it in good condition from the very beginning. Vacuum cleaners come with removable parts that must be cleaned and kept dry and away from harmful substances.

Maintain Vacuum Cleaner

The unit must always be stored in a cool and dry place so that the climate does not do much damage. It is possible to keep a machine running effectively for years even after its warranty period is over by just careful handling and safe storing.

10. Buy a Good Product

Okay so we are not really talking about recycling here but we feel that if you make a smart choice right at the beginning then you won’t have to worry about recycling or repairing your vacuum cleaner anytime soon. It is important to invest in a good machine that will last you for a long time and perform efficiently without breaking down often.

We won’t say that only well-known brands or high priced products are worth buying but we do believe that branded items are more popular and have earned the trust of customers due to their great service.

A low price tag may attract more customers but cheap vacuum cleaners have a tendency to stop working within a year and sometimes even within months. If you want your vacuum cleaner to serve you well in the long run then we suggest you invest in a decent one that is made of high-quality materials and is backed up by good customer reviews.

Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

It is not enough to buy a good brand vacuum cleaner rather than knowing how to use it properly. If you have decided to get a new vacuum cleaner or use your old one for a few more days then follow the tips below to maintain and increase its life.

Get The Correct Bags and Make Sure They Are Attached Properly

If your vacuum cleaner is a bagged one then you must get the right bags for your model. They may all seem the same but each model requires a different kind of bags so make sure you check with the reference number and match it to the bags before purchase.

It is also a good idea to buy a lot and keep in store in case your local store runs out of them.

Attaching the bag also differs from model to model. And if the opening of the bag is not firmly secured on to the nozzle of the vacuum then the dirt will not enter the bag properly and end up filling the inside of the machine which can damage the internal parts.

Once your vacuum cleaner collects dirt inside then it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to get all the dirt out.

Replace The Bags Regularly

Do not wait for the bag to be completely full before replacing it because if the bag is full then you will notice debris making its way back to your floors or carpets.

Replace Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Your vacuum cleaners’ suctioning power will also seem low and it won’t be able to perform efficiently. Replace your old bag with a new one when it is about 2/3 full.

Empty The Dirt-cups on Bag-less Models Often

If your vacuum cleaner is a bag-less one then you have the opportunity to clearly see the amount of dirt collected and when it is time to empty the cup. Some even come with markings to indicate how much it can be filled up before you need to empty it but we suggest that you empty it after every use if you have the time.

This way you won’t have any stored dirt in the cup and always have your vacuum cleaner in a clean state. Make sure to shake off any stuck debris from the cup before reattaching it.

Check The Brush Roll

This does not have to be done every day but it is a good idea to check the brush roll for stuck fur, hair and other stringy items. If the brush roll is free of dirt then it will be able to work better.

Replace Parts

Parts such as the filter and the belt may need to be replaced every six months and avoiding or delaying the replacements may damage the vacuum cleaner and prevent it from doing its job well.

Repair Before It Is Too Late

Most problems can be fixed if they are detected and sent for repair on time. Never ignore a problem thinking that it will get solved on its own or you can run the machine without getting it fixed because problems tend to grow and spread like viruses.

Don’t take any issue lightly because having to pay for repairs in its earlier stage will cost less than when the problem becomes too complicated.

Store in A Cool And Dry Place

Climate plays a major role in damaging electronic items so be sure to store your vacuum cleaner in a safe place, away from the heat when not in use.

Final Words

This is the end of our recycle vacuum cleaner article. We hope you find it helpful before making any decision to go for any vacuum cleaners. It is very important to get a perfect vacuum cleaner for your need, and in the same way, it’s also important to recycle and maintain it well.

You can have a flawless vacuum cleaner that can serve your purpose but it will be a useless item if you don’t recycle and maintain each and every part of the vacuum cleaner. Proper utilization of the vacuum cleaner and maintaining and recycling its parts can make your life smoother.

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