Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Reviews: Sleek Appearance with Great Value

Cleaning the whole damn room is quite an exhausting job. There are vacuum cleaners but still, they don’t reduce the pain of your job significantly. If you think you want your home to get cleaned purely without your contribution then you can think of having a smart vacuum cleaner. And a great option for that will be this Pure Clean PUCRC26B Robot. This robotic vacuum cleaner can do a lot of stuff and that is too without you. All you will be needing is activating it and then the work will be done. And if you are interested to know more about the bot, then this Pure Clean robot vacuum reviews will help you in this.

Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Reviews

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Features of Our Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Reviews


Pure Clean PUCRC26B is a kind of bot that can change the whole appearance of your house. The guy is as tall as 3 inches and comes in 11 inches diameter. So, it will be a bit smaller in look. And you know what can be the benefit of being short?

Like you can adjust yourself to any compact area, just like this bot can do. It is able to get under any low-profile furniture and does its work like a pro. So it is going to be a very interesting piece once you have it. And if you are a black lover, then you will love it a lot.

To talk about more details, well the first thing that will appear is the Pure Clean logo of the brand. And just below the logo, it comes with a turn on and off button that will just need your press and nothing else.

Besides, it comprises 2 side sweeper brushes extending the reach of vacuum and sweep so it can suck all the dust particles from every part of the house. You can also detach the brushes to clean them and re-use them for better cleaning.

And as for the wheels, you will get to know more once you witness its performance.


It has already been mentioned how smoothly the Pure Clean robot vacuum can move around under your bed or couch for cleaning, so big thumbs up for that.

Moreover, this black bot is equipped with a self-programming feature that is just going to awe you. It has an anti-fall sensor that will self-detect and sense that there is a gap and avoid itself to move on further. You will rather find it moving in another direction to get saved from the fall.

Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner

As for the cleaning, it is capable enough of cleaning all the dirt or hair or anything that has been hassling you since long. So, no more dust irritation because this dude is there to help.

Energy and Recharge

The PureClean bot comes with 850mAh battery and it uses Lithium 3.7V type. It means, it has a run time for about 50 minutes and can vacuum the home completely within the time.

There will be a charger as well to charge the cleaner when gets run out of battery. You can call it a drawback since it does not have the self-recharge option like many of the models do have. Other than that, it is going to be a very cool product to own.

However, as for the charging time, it will take about 4 hours to get fully charged.


One of the most positive features about the Pure Clean robot vacuum cleaner is that it has a HEPA filter. It means the bot is going to keep all the dirty contents trapped inside the dustbin. Coming in 0.2 L capacity, you might find it exhausting to keep emptying it frequently for using it again. However, the good side is that it’s powerful.

So, it will not get clogged with any pet hair since it got a powerful suction to suck them all with the rotating brush. Besides, the bin has a detachable option as well so you can remove it and clean the bin for further use.

However, the good side is that it’s powerful. So, it will not get clogged with any pet hair since it got a powerful suction to suck them all with the rotating brush. Besides, the bin has a detachable option as well so you can remove it and clean the bin for further use.

Suggested Accessories

PUCRC25 and PUCRC26B Replacement Parts - (4) Rotating Side Brushes (2) Dustbin Filters - Robot Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Parts and Accessory Kit - PureClean PRTPUCRC251
  • COMPATIBLE WITH PUCRC25 and PUCRC26B: Only designed for use with PUCRC25 and PUCRC26B
  • REVITALIZE YOUR ROBOT: Keep your automatic vacuum running at maximum efficiency. Filters and side sweepers have a limited lifetime and need to be replaced after a few months of use
  • 4 REPLACEMENT SIDE SWEEPERS: Parts kit includes 2 pairs of extra side sweepers. Easily remove and replace the existing side sweepers so no debris is left behind
  • 2 REPLACEMENT FILTERS: Dirty filters will bog down your robo vac and reduce its suction power. Kit includes 1 dustbin filter and 1 Air filter
T POWER 19V Ac Dc Adapter Charger Compatible with Eufy RoboVac 11 11+ 11S 30 Series & Pure Clean Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Model T2102 PUCRC15 PUCRC25 PUCRC26B PUCRC90 Power Supply
  • T-POWER Made with the highest quality . POWER SPECS : Input Voltage Range: AC 100V - 240V ( 19V )
  • COMPATIBLE WITH : Eufy Charging Base/Dock for Eufy RoboVac 11 Model T2102 , eufy [BoostIQ] RoboVac 11+ Vacuum Cleaner MODEL: AK-T21041F2 , eufy RoboVac 11 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Model T2102 , AK-T2102111 eufy Boost IQ RoboVac 11S Robotic Vacuum MODEL: T2108 , eufy RoboVac 11+ 2nd Gen Robotic Vacuum MODEL: AK-T21041F1 , AK-T21041F2 , eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30 Robotic Vacuum MODEL: AK-T2116111
  • eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 12 15C 30C 35C Robotic Vacuum MODEL: AK-T2109111 , AK-848061058499 , AK-T2118111 , AK-T2117Z11
  • Pure Clean Smart Vacuum Robot Cleaner PUCRC15 PUCRC25 PUCRC26B PUCRC90 & Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner R500 R500+ R300 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • ️ ((((( NOTE ! Charging Dock Station - not included ))))) ️ Note ! This unit will NOT fit Pure-Clean Smart Vacuum Robot Cleaner PUCRC95 PUCRC96B

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Plusses & Minuses


  • Comes with detachable brushes that can clean the surface
  • Features detachable HEPA filter
  • Comes with runtime for about an hour
  • Has powerful suction
  • Anti-fall sensor to sense the gap and avoid from falling down
  • Can fit under any furniture or bed


  • Does not have the self-recharge option so you will have to make the effort to charge it
  • Takes 4 long hours to charge the bot fully
  • Container fills quickly
  • Might be a little loud but that’s tolerable

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does it come with batteries? How much does it take to get charged?

A: It comes with a battery and you have to charge it yourself since it does not have the self-recharging option. You will get a cord in the box that has been included for charging. You will also get a charger. However, as for the charging time, it will take 4 hours then can run for an hour smoothly.

Q: How to clean the bin?

A: Just lift up the lid and pull the bin out. Then head for emptying all the dust particles into the garbage can. If you want to clean in a better way, then take a toothbrush with soft bristles and have some water for the filter. It’s better you avoid scrubbing and wipe it gently. Then place the bin back after drying it and close the lid. Then you are all good to go.

Q: Does the unit offer Wi-Fi connectivity?

A: No, it does have any Wi-Fi connectivity features.

Q: Is it able to clean from hardwood floor to low shag rug?

A: Yes, it can easily travel from the hardwood floor to low shag rug and clean all the dirt easily.

Final Words

Getting a good robotic vacuum cleaner is pretty hard. And if you even find one, the price tag that comes with them might make you step back. But this Pure Clean PUCRC26B is different. You will not only find it budget friendly but also will find it impressive.

And since these Pure Clean robot vacuum reviews have highlighted all the features that come equipped with the bot, you will be able to decide easily if you want to go for it or leave it.

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