iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Reviews: Excellent Price with a Caveat

If you want to get yourself a cleaning robot then picking up a vacuum with the iRobot tag is the best option. Robot vacuums are most liked due to their smart technology and a mind of their own where you get a lot of free time and can let your robot do all the cleaning –  at a price. But robot vacuum cleaners also have their flaws and sometimes cheaply made ones may do more damage than benefit. If you must get a robot vacuum cleaner then we suggest sticking to well-known brands and what better brand than the popular iRobot? That iRobot Roomba 650 vacuum will not disappoint you for sure. Today it will be iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Reviews which is one of their basic robots and features less elegance than the other expensive models but makes up for it with power and improved brush design.

iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Reviews

Their Roomba vacuum robots are probably the most sophisticated and high-end robots available in the market today and so we have decided for iRobot Roomba 650 vacuum cleaning robot review and give our readers some knowledge on what to expect should they choose to bring one home.

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Features of Our iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Reviews


Although the iRobot Roomba 650 is not as stylish as some of the other models from the Roomba family, it will still attract a few stares with its sleek look. The only way to make cleaning floors look good is to get a robot to do the job and when this robot is at work all you have to do is sit back and admire.

At just 3.6 inches high and with a circular body, it can travel under furniture and clean hidden dirt from places you cannot clean by hand. It requires very minimum storage area so you can store it wherever you like when not in use.

Navigation and Cleaning System

This is what sets a robot apart from ordinary vacuum cleaners. The Roomba 650 uses the iAdapt system to make up to 60 decisions per second which allow it to scan its surroundings and adapt in no time. The sensors alert the robot of walls and drop-offs, preventing it from falling off the stairs or banging against the walls. As it travels around your home, it automatically adjusts itself to all kinds of surfaces such as carpets, tile, rugs, hardwood floors and laminate floorings. But this will give the best possible result if you use the vacuum for laminate floors and carpet.

Unfortunately, the robot cannot stop itself from hitting furniture or other items on the floors so you may have to clear things off the floors before you set your robot to work. There are also dangers of it knocking down items from table-tops as it moves at an incredible speed and the power is enough to knock down delicate items. You can prevent accidents by making sure that the area is clear of obstacles beforehand.

iRobot Roomba 650

The 3-stage cleaning system does a pretty good job of removing dirt from all around your home. It first stirs up any settled debris and then brushes it off before suctioning so it can pick up both large debris and fine particles with efficiency. It has two counter-rotating brushes that reach out during operation and agitates dirt from corners and furniture edges, leaving no spot unattended.

Scheduled Cleaning

We may get tired of cleaning our homes every day and decide to skip cleaning on certain days but the Roomba 650 can be active every day of the week and clean your home exactly when you program it to. You can schedule your robot to operate 7 days a week so you have clean floors every day. Because it is smart enough to work on its own, you don’t even have to be around during the cleaning process.

Charging Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

Save yourself the trouble of charging your device because it automatically docks and recharges itself when it senses its battery running low. Leave it’s charging the unit at any corner of your home and it will return to it after it has completed its tasks.

Do not overcharge the battery by leaving the robot vacuum charging continuously. Some experts believe that can shorten the battery life of the vacuum like any other electronic devices. Try to maintain a time schedule by measuring how long it takes for a full charge. Then only charge the battery for that amount of time. The button will turn green after a full charge. So notice when the green light comes up and then switch off the charging button.

Roomba 650 Battery Reset

If it is found that the Roomba 650 is not working as effectively as before then one reason could be the battery, which might start losing its original power. The simple solution possibly will be a battery reset for the Roomba vacuum. It can work smoothly once again after the battery reset if you are lucky enough. For the Roomba 650 Battery Reset, follow the few steps:

  • Press the button “CLEAN” to turn the Roomba vacuum cleaner on
  • Press the two buttons “SPOT” and “DOCK”, which are placed just either sides of the “CLEAN” button, simultaneously for around 10 seconds
  • Now release those two buttons instantaneously which will restart the Roomba and will hear the starting sound of the vacuum
  • Then fully charge the Roomba vacuum for around 12 hours
Roomba 650 Battery Reset

This simple trick can bring your Roomba back to the normal cleaning cycle. You can do it over if you notice the decrease in the cleaning cycle of Roomba later. Moreover, do these steps if the Roomba doesn’t charge at all. That battery reset can turn the vacuum back on power once again.

Replacing a battery is not that costly but it consumes time and energy. To keep the battery in moderate shape and enhance the battery power, maintain the following tricks:

Regular Cleaning

Robot vacuums can clean different types of floors but they cannot clean themselves. During their cleaning process, they come across dirt and dust and by doing it over and over the robot vacuums slightly start losing the battery strength. Also, the dust that attached to the wheels, brushes and other parts of the vacuums, slow down the cleaning process and decrease the battery efficiency.

So it is suggested to clean the vacuum brushes at least once a week regularly. The number increases while the house is occupied by children and pets. Clean all the robot vacuum parts thoroughly at least once every month.

Cleaning the Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

It’s not that hard to clean the Roomba robot vacuum. The cleaning tool that comes with the vacuum helps it cleaning, along with a screwdriver and a bag to put the hair or sting that could be tied up underneath the vacuum.

  • First of all, hold the green power button to turn the power off.
  • Remove the dustbin and then flip the vacuum over to look if anything visual.
  • Put the screw out of the spinning wheel to check if any string out there. Have to check it in every 2 to 3 weeks. This will help to spin it better to clean the floor smoothly.
  • Remove the front wheel and clean all the hair and dust from there.
  • Use microfiber cloths to clean the sensor and other visible areas around.
  • Check the wheels for free spinning.
  • Push the two yellow tabs to take off the cover, then pop up the yellow cap from the brush and using the cleaning tool that comes with the vacuum, just run it through so that if there are any hair or string attached they will come out of the brush.
  • Clean the dust detector sensor and look for dust or string in any other parts.

Yeah, that’s it! These are the basic cleaning guide you can go through. It will take 5-10 minutes for the minimal cleaning but will give you years of service.

Use Regularly

Regular use can assure that you are using the device properly. By using the vacuum regularly means that the device is getting charged regularly. According to some experts, like every other electronic device e.g. laptop, mobile, tabs, they need to use in a daily basis to discharge for using the device and then get the full charge to run it again. In that way, those devices can run a longer battery life.

While on Vacation

Robot vacuums can be in a problem if you leave the vacuum on a charging dock while on vacation. Before going on a vacation, charge the vacuum fully and then remove the battery from the device. And then after coming back from the vacation, charge the battery again until full and use it as normal. This way you can keep a good shape of the battery life.

Ultimately the battery has to be replaced. But by maintaining those guidelines can keep you away from those expenses for a little while.

Suggested Accessories

Accessory for Irobot Roomba 600 610 620 650 Series Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Part Kit - Includes 3 Pack Filter, Side Brush, and 1 Pack Bristle Brush
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  • The innovative Side brush for iRobot Roomba Robots reaches deep into corners and edges to remove more dirt, dust and debris.Easy to install and durable, keeping your home clean with iRobot roomba vacuum cleaners.
  • Replace the irobot roomba hepa filter 600 series every 2-3 months to maintain roomba's cleaning performance while reducing infiltration of dust, pollen and other allergens. Clean brushes ensure optimal cleaning performance.Handy cleaning tool slides over your robot's Bristle Brush to quickly and easily remove hair and debris. The tool's blade allows you to cut away hair from the bristles and the comb helps you pull the hair away once it's cut free.
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  • Helps keep hair and debris out of the brush motor.
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  • Better design with a better brush and screw.

Video Review: How to Program Roomba 650

Pros & Cons


  • Navigates and adapts to its surroundings smartly
  • Sensors prevent it from falling off stairs so there are no risks of it getting damaged
  • Can be scheduled to clean 7 days in a week
  • Automatically docks and charges itself
  • Two counter-rotating brushes clean dirt from tight places
  • 3-step cleaning for deep cleaning
  • Can travel under furniture and collect dirt from every angle


  • Can hit obstacles with force and knock off items
  • Although not a very common problem but there have been cases where the robot left scratches on floors
  • Not as effective as other high-end Roomba models in suctioning pet hair

Alternative Products

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Roomba 650 work on rugs?

We would not recommend using it to clean rugs; it is better suited on all types of floors and ‘outdoor’ carpets.

How effective is it in picking up dog hair?

It will do a fairly good job in picking up pet hair but will probably leave behind a hair or two depending on the amount of dirt present.

What parts are replaceable?

Batteries, filters, and brushes can all be replaced and we would suggest sticking to authentic iRobot parts only.

How heavy is the robot?

It weighs around 11.6 pounds

How long does it take to fully charge the Roomba 650?

It takes approximately 3 hours to charge

Final Words

So, did you find our iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Reviews helpful? We were quite impressed with the quality and performance of the Roomba 650 although there are better models in the Roomba family if you are ready to pay more. For the price, the Roomba 650 is a decent robot with excellent raw power and cleaning mechanism. We love the ways in which the smart sensors work and how the robot navigates areas and travels to tight places.

We were just a little disappointed in the fact that it could not avoid items placed in the middle of the floors and would hit them with quite a bit of force but luckily it could stay away from stairs. In short, Roomba has done well with this model as it scores high in the cleaning department, but with a few minor improvements to its sensors, it could have had a much higher rating.

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