iLife V5s Review: Absolutely Amazing Little Robot for Quiet Cleaning

Having a robot vacuum cleaner at home may just be the answer to all your cleaning problems. A regular vacuum cleaner helps you keep your home clean without having to get your hands dirty or get down on your knees to scrub floors, but you still need to be around in order to operate the machine which takes up some time. But what if you could just program a device to do all the cleaning while you took care of other business? The good news is, with the iLife V5s pro Robot, you can now. We researched a couple of such amazing tools and today we decided to have the complete Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner iLife V5s Review for our readers who may be interested in purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner for their home.

iLife V5s Review

With new and improved products been introduced every day, it is no surprise that the market is filled with smart working tools to make our lives better and easier.

You can check our iLife V3s Pro review if you have a slightly tight budget.

The iLife V5s Pro is an improved version, an upgrade of the iLife V5s. The product states to have extended battery life and better operating technology. It has a powerful motor which is essential in picking up dirt with more efficiency and its smart sensors help it to work on its own. 

The best thing about robot vacuums is that they can travel to places you wouldn’t be able to work on with a traditional vacuum cleaner or by hand so you actually get cleaner floors with very less effort from your side. We are going to break down the unit into different segments and see how well it scores and if it deserves a place in your home.

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Features of Our Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner iLife V5s Review

Power and Battery

The motor is quite powerful but no more or less than its predecessors. It does a pretty decent job in suctioning dirt from corners and tight spaces with its dual side brushes and can pick up dust particles as well as large debris from all kinds of hard floors.

The 2600 mAh Lithium Ion battery allows the unit to work continuously for over 2 hours and on a single charge, it can clean 2000 to 2500ft of an area. The iLife v5s pro robot vacuum takes less than 5 hours to charge the machine completely so you can give your home a deep clean every day of the week, even during blackouts.

Smart Sensors

Sensors are what make this item an intelligent cleaning tool. It has front obstacle sensors with Tpu bumper that protects your furniture and allows it to avoid barriers while a suit of cliff sensors stop the robot from falling off stairs.

iLife V5s Pro Robot Vacuum

The unit also automatically docks and recharges when it reaches a low charge so you always have a ready-to-clean robot. With so many amazing sensors, you hardly have to give much time or attention to the machine and can trust it to perform effectively.


This stylish robot vacuum and mop combo can vacuum, sweep and mop so you can enjoy a thorough cleaning from one single unit which saves you the trouble and expense of purchasing different cleaning tools. If you have pets then you probably have annoying pet hair everywhere and need a good vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the fur, luckily this robot does an excellent job in picking up hair and all kinds of a mess made by your furry friend.

It also comes with a dustbin that stores the dirt while cleaning and a separate water tank that distributes water evenly during mopping time. With 3 cleaning styles, the V5 Pro suctions all the dirt, sweeps the floor and mops it to reveal squeaky clean surfaces.

Cleaning Modes

There are 4 cleaning modes: auto clean, spot clean, edge clean and clean on a schedule. The auto clean mode lets the machine automatically clean randomly while the spot clean and edge clean modes are specially programmed to clean dried up spots and along all sides. You can schedule the machine to run even while you are out or sleeping using the schedule-clean mode. This is a perfect way to return to a clean home every time.

Filtration System

The two-level filtration system ensures that maximum dust particles are caught. A plastic filter is fitted on the first level while a HEPA filter improves filtration on the second level. HEPA filters are the best filters as they catch 99% of all dirt and promote safe air and a germ-free environment.  You can now have bacteria-free air to breathe alongside shiny floors.


You need to empty the dust box and clean the filter after each use to ensure the best cleaning performance by your robot. This way you can keep the robot running effectively and help increase its life. The filter needs to be replaced once a month, especially with everyday use.

When cleaning the machine be sure to remove the electronic cords, bar chair and fan with a stand base. We also recommend removing the water tank while charging the unit and avoid using the unit to mop laminate floors during a scheduled cleaning for safety reasons.

Suggested Accessories

Electropan Replacement Consumable Accessories Parts 10pcs Side Brush + 5pcs Hepa Filter + 5pcs Mop Cloth + 10pcs Magic Paste for ILIFE V3 V3s V5 V5s V5s pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Side Brush HEPA filter Mop Cloth compatible with ILIFE Model V3 V3s V5 V5s V5s pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • The brush should be replaced every 2 - 3 months to keep operating at peak performance
  • Easy to remove and replace as part of routine maintenance.
  • Package inclued: 10pcs side Brush+5pcs hepa Filter+5pcs Mop Cloth+10pcs magic paste
JangGun Store Original Right Wheel Robot Vacuum Cleaner Parts Accessories for ilife V3s pro V5s pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Wheels Motors
  • Brand Name: FGHGF-Type: Vacuum Cleaner Parts
  • Model Number: For ilife v3s pro v5s pro-Vacuum Part Type: Wheels
  • Type 1: vacuum cleaner wheel-Type 2: for ilife v3s pro
  • Type 3: for ilife v5s pro-Type 4: for ilife parts
  • Type 5: for ilife robot vauum cleaner parts-Package: 1pc Right wheel

Video Review: iLife V5s Pro Robot Vacuum


  • Stylish design
  • Good suctioning power
  • Picks up fur and all mess made by pets
  • Smart sensors allow the machine to know your home better
  • Large Road-Rover wheels with self-rescue technology that prevents the unit from falling off stairs and maneuver freely


  • The machine does not mop as well as it vacuums or sweeps
  • You need to clear off the floors before running the machine as it has a tendency to get stuck when it hits objects.

Alternative Products

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can it clean carpets?

We recommend this item for hard floors. It can vacuum carpets but not efficiently.

What size of dirt can it pick up?

It picks up pet hair, dust particles, and most small dirt pieces but can sometimes get stuck on larger items such as dog food.


So, we hope our iLife V5s Review gives you an insight into the product before going for the buying decision. The iLife V5s Pro is an attractive cleaning unit that does a pretty decent job in cleaning floors but it does have minor flaws. We would recommend it to anyone seeking an affordable machine with good features that will make the cleaning time fun and less of a hassle.

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