How to Use Vacuum Cleaner: 15 Tricks to Use Vacuum Cleaner Properly

Vacuum cleaners are no doubt one of the most used cleaning appliances of today. You are most likely to find one in every home and once you start using a vacuum cleaner to clean your floors and carpets, you wouldn’t even dream of returning to the traditional tools like brooms, mops, and scrubbers. Not only do manual cleaning tools take an incredible amount of time to use but they are super stressful and can cause a lot of fatigue to the one doing the cleaning. But it’s a bitter truth that most people doesn’t know How to Use Vacuum Cleaner properly for its maximum output.

How to Use Vacuum Cleaner

With the vacuum cleaner around you can take care of all the sweeping, scrubbing and mopping in no time and they even do a better job of leaving your home sanitized than if the cleaning had been done manually.

Now, for most people, they are just happy with what the vacuum cleaner offers them in terms of general cleaning, but did you know that this amazing device can be used in a lot of other ways?

Whether your vacuum cleaner uses simple suctioning to sweep floors, or offers both dry and damp cleaning or you have one of those steamer mops, there are many tricks and vacuum cleaner hacks you can use to get more out of the machine.

In today’s article, we are going to show you the simple steps of using a vacuum cleaner and some useful tricks that may just make cleaning time more fun and effective.

Let Us First Take a Look at The Basic Steps of How to Use Vacuum Cleaner

Step 1

Get yourself the best vacuum cleaner depending on your needs. If you live in a large home with a lot of bare floors then you must buy a vacuum cleaner designed to clean hard floors.

For larger areas it is important you get a device with a strong motor that can work larger areas at one go. You have the option of choosing either a corded unit or a cordless one.

While both have their advantages and disadvantages, corded vacuums are regarded as more powerful and don’t carry the need for recharging batteries.

Things to Consider when Buying a Vacuum

As they run on the direct power you can continue cleaning until all rooms have been worked on (provided you have the power supply in every room). You also have the option of choosing between a bagged vacuum cleaner or a bag-less one.

Decided on what works best for you and you will not be disappointed with the convenience of a vacuum cleaner.

Step 2

Once you have your vacuum cleaner delivered and you are ready to give your home a good cleaning, make sure to prepare the area for the process. For instance, remove all smaller items from its ways such as toys, shoes, magazines or even light furniture.

This way your vacuum cleaner can clean all surfaces and you won’t have to go on picking stuff while running the machine.

Step 3

If your vacuum cleaner comes with attachments that have exchangeable ends to target various areas such as corners and floor or furniture edges then place them on.

Attachments for Vacuum Cleaner

It’s a good idea to clean difficult areas first so that all the dirt can be suctioned out before finally cleaning the main floors. If your vacuum cleaner works on both carpets and floors then you don’t have to waste time cleaning with two different tools.

Step 4

Turn on the vacuum cleaner and maneuver it slowly over your carpet or floor in forwarding and backward strokes.  Don’t go too fast, you need to give the device time to suction all the dirt from each surface.

Your vacuum cleaner will come with instructions on how to use a vacuum cleaner as each unit is different and has different features, although the basic rules are the same.

Step 5

Once cleaning is done, empty the canister if your vacuum cleaner is a bag-less one or check if the bag is full on a bagged model. With bagged models, you don’t have to replace bags that often, maybe once a month or once in two months, depending on how much dirt it picked up.

Step 6

Wipe your machine’s body and clean the removable parts if needed and as instructed before storing your vacuum cleaner in a dry and cool place.

So that’s about it, using a vacuum cleaner does not require much skill and since they work pretty fast, you end up with a lot of free time to take care of other business. 

Some Useful Tricks of Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Now as promised, we are going to show you some cool ways in which you can turn your vacuum cleaner into a versatile device. We bet some of these ideas will totally blow your mind and you will want to try them out right away…but please finish reading the article first!

1. Clean Your Keyboard

Are you on your laptop right now? Or perhaps you are using your desktop? If you are like most people then chances are that the keyboard is not exactly super clean.

It is very common to find dust particles and other little things such as breadcrumbs stuck between the keys.

Clean Keyboards by Handheld Vacuum

One way you can get rid of the dirt is by using your vacuum cleaner to gently suction the mess away. Flip your keyboard over so that most loose dirt falls off and then attach your vacuum’s crevice tool and vacuum the keyboard.

You can also give it a finishing touch by using a wet cotton stick to rub around the keys.

2. Use Baking Soda to Get Rid of The Stench

Not all things can be thrown into the washing machine. If there is a spot on your machine or pillow that is giving out a bad smell them simply sprinkle the area with a little baking soda and wait for half an hour or so.

Later on, just vacuum away the powder and notice how the stinking smell disappears.

3. Spread Your Favorite Scent All over Your Home

If you have a bagged vacuum cleaner then you can use the bags to leave your home smelling fresh. You can do it by soaking a small cotton ball into your preferred perfume oil and then just drop that into the bag of the vacuum.

You will feel the magic in the air. As air flows through the bag, a sweet smell will be released and it will soon fill the air with all the rooms you vacuum.

4. Used Dryer Sheet

You can also throw a used dryer sheet into the bag so that as your machine runs a light fragrant spread through the air.

5. Avoid Unpleasant Smells Coming From The Bags

Unpleasant Smell from Vacuum

If you have pets then the vacuum cleaner bags will definitely give out a foul smell, mostly due to the all the pet hair stored inside. You can put some cinnamon powder inside the bags so that the spice eliminates most of the smell.

6. Get Rid of Fleas

We often spend a lot of money purchasing harmful chemicals to kill fleas that have made their homes on our carpets. If you have pets then you will know how annoying it is.

Before you go out and spend money on these chemicals, try vacuuming the carpets and affected areas to get rid of fleas in the most natural and easy way.

7. Keep Your Home Free From Allergens

If you like to leave your windows open then don’t be surprised at all the dust that is caught on the window sills and doors. These allergens won’t just stay on the windowsills forever; they will eventually make their way into your home as air passes through.

You can use the brush tool on your vacuum cleaner to clear these particles away before they move into your home. We often ignore areas such as these where most dirt hide thus making the air that we breathe very unsafe. Be sure to clean your windowsills, screens, and doors at least once a week.

8. Fix Carpet Dents

Don’t be afraid to move furniture thinking that the carpet dents will leave an ugly impression. Carpet dents can easily be fixed with ice and yes, your vacuum cleaner. Place ice cubes over the dents and wait for them to melt.

Once the fibers are back in their previous shapes, vacuum the area to allow them to stand upright again. Once the spots are dry, no one will be able to tell that was any dents present.

9. Remove crumbs from your toaster

Bread toasts are tasty. Crumbs are annoying. Most of like to toast bread for breakfast every morning and we hardly have time to clean the crumbs that are collected at the bottom of the toaster.

It will only take you a few minutes to whisk them away using the crevice tool of your vacuum cleaner.

10. Clean Behind Refrigerators

We hardly think of the dirt that is collected behind the refrigerators. The coils get covered in dust and lint which could cause over-heating and serious damage to the machine. In order to remove any lint, just pull the fridge away from the wall, disconnect the power and use your vacuum cleaner on the coils. You will also need to vacuum the floor afterward but at least you can keep your fridge in great shape.

11. Find lost items

How many times have you lost an earring or a screw or any other small item? If you know the area it fell off at then just cover your vacuum’s hose with a pantyhose and start vacuuming.

It will get stuck on the nylon and you can easily retrieve your lost item. Be sure to cover the hose if you don’t want your vacuum cleaner to completely suck it in because then it is gone forever.

12. Vacuum-tight Spots

You can attach a cardboard tube to the vacuum cleaners hose to fit tight places such as window sills and under furniture.

13. Alternative Usage

You can also use an icing nozzle or ketchup bottle top to attach to the hose.

14. Keep The Brush Roller Free From Lint

If you want your vacuum cleaner to keep running well then you must clean the brush roller. But doing so may cause damage to your nails. Just use a seam ripper instead to handle the knots of hair or other fluffs.

15. Brush Attachments

Not only is the vacuum cleaner itself a versatile tool, but its attachments can also be used for various things too. The brush attachment is an excellent dusting tool and you can use it to clean photo frames, lampshades, and other items. You won’t have to purchase extra brushes for those chores.


So, how you get our reviews on How to Use Vacuum Cleaner? We hope you had fun reading our article and learned a thing or two about ways in which you can use your vacuum cleaner around the house other than for just sweeping floors and carpets.

Make the best use of this convenient tool to increase its value and make life easier for you.

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