How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet: Get Rid of Dog Hair Allergy

Do you know who can be the best therapist for a person? It’s the one that has furs and four legs. It’s the one that is called to a person’s best friend. And it’s none other than your dog. Getting yourself a pooch might give you all the happiness but when it comes to taking it outside in your car, the situation gets different. All the dogs tend to leave their mark through their hair. And it’s a tedious job when you will have to keep cleaning them from the car after every ride with your dog. However, you can make the task simpler if you use some tricks that I will be presenting here. With this, not only you will get enlightened about how to get dog hair out of car carpet but also you will know how to get rid of hair allergy.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet: Cleansing and Preventing Tips

Cleansing tips

With Static Electricity

Get an inflated balloon and have yourself blew it up. Rub it on the car upholstery and create some static electricity to help lift the hair and remove from the surface. We all know that static electricity tends to attract hair, so it will attract dog hair as well.

With Rubber Gloves

Grab a pair of rubber gloves and water to use them for better outcomes. You will literally not need to do anything other than the following 2 steps. Just wear the pair and spray the water on your car carpet slightly. Then start sweeping vigorously with the gloves on.

You will notice that all the dog hair gets attached to the fingertips leaving the carpet clean.

With Towel and Softener

Well, this is another spay and wipe type tip but a bit different. This time, you will need to fuse a little teaspoon of fabric softener with water. Then, you will need to spray the mixture lightly on the car carpet. After that, you will have to wipe the carpet with the paper towel.

You will see that the ingredients in the softener loosen up the hair that makes it easy to take them out from creases in the textile. Leave the carpet for drying out and vacuum up the leftover hairs.

With Vacuums

A vacuum is one of the most mainstream ways to remove dog hair out of the car carpet. A vacuum with the bag can pick all pet hairs into the bag and can safely detach it from the vacuum without having an allergy issue.

There are many of them that come with small rubber bristled brushes as an add-on. These add-ons have been particularly designed for sucking pet hair. The rubber brushes will be working the same way as the previous tips do.

They will create an electrifying situation and will remove the dog hair successfully out of the carpet in your car.

With Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are also a decent way to get dog hair out of car carpet. But there are some drawbacks as well. Firstly, they will just light clean the car carpet. So, they don’t support deep cleaning and won’t be able to clean the furs that are buried deep in the carpets.

Get Rid of Dog Hair with Lint Rollers

Secondly, they will be quite pricey. (Well most of the good ones will cost much). But you can try out lint roller substitute that will come in cheap costs. Just get duct tape and start rolling it around your hands. (taking the sticky side out obviously). And then press the tape against the carpet so you can lift the surface dog hair off and keep the carpet clean.

Prevention Tips

Pre-brush It

Why take the hassle of spending hours tweezing your pooch’s fur out of the carpet when you can cut down your job almost to the half just by giving its coat a good brush up. Before you get it inside the car, an extra brush up will help you remove excess dog hair that could stick to the car carpet.

This way, you will find lesser hair across the carpet and save yourself some more time.

However, you should also consider getting an appropriate of your pet hair brush as the type makes a lot of difference in collecting their furs. If you own a hairy dog, then spend your cash on a brush that has been designed to thin out their loose fur and undercoat.

Get a Seat Cover

Splash out on seat cover for the car so you can save your carpet from all the furs coming from your dog. The cover will keep the fur off the carpet and you can take it out easily.

Not only that, but it will also be easy for you to wash the cover, store it and reuse it again when your Fido will want some fun trip by the car.

Use a Crate

It is essential that you keep your dog contained while they will be traveling in your car. Although you might hate using a crate for your dog as it will be disturbing to see it caged, but however for reducing your car carpet’s exposure to the furs, it becomes important stuff to do. It will also keep your dog safe as well.

Allergen Falloff Tips

Some owners might face a lot of trouble due to their pet allergens that even stop them from cuddling their dogs. However, there are some tips that you can follow if you wish to reduce allergens and cuddle your pooch. These are:

  • Give a good bath to your dog weekly by using a pet-friendly shampoo. Employ a person who is non-allergic to this so that you don’t suffer.
  • Set up some dog-free zones. You might mark your room at first so that you don’t allow your dog to get into it.
  • Remove carpets, curtain or upholstered furniture or any kinds of stuff that might attract furs.
  • Use particulate air purifier that will be high-efficiency so it can cut down airborne allergen at your home.
  • Check out if the dog breed is hypoallergenic.
  • Keep your dog outside, not like literally outside your area. Space should be under the humane condition and well-contained.
  • Use a trial period when you will introduce a new dog to your family so you can assess their reaction.
  • Visit your medical doctor and try the allergy shots recommended by the doctor.
  • Get your dog a medical diagnosis by the vet.

Final Words

In the end, preventing dog hair buildup in your car carpet is easier than dealing with it once it’s there. So make sure to focus on keeping your pup clean and healthy and your carpets covered.

But be ready to do some occasional vacuuming or whatnot sometimes since your dog may still leave plenty of hair in your car. As you know all the tips and tricks about How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet, so you can get rid of pet hair allergens as well for sure.

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