How to Clean Carpet: 7 Secret Tips to Make Your Carpet Looks Fresh

It’s not you will walk on a red carpet and then leave it as is. In real life, you will just not have to walk on an ordinary carpet but also take the hassle to deep clean it. Although, keeping it all clean might give you a red carpet like feel. But the cleaning chore, I must say, feels way mind-numbing. But you will still have to go for it. Today we will discuss how to clean carpet properly.

How to Clean Carpet

However, there are many of you who still look lost when it comes to cleaning your carpet deeply. So, for them, I have come up with the solutions so you can try and see the outcome.

Few Tips on How to Clean Carpet: For Your New Look Carpet

1. Daily Dose

One of the best ways to protect your carpet is to take out your shoes after you get home. And that has to be a day-to-day job. However, that doesn’t mean you will walk barefoot.

Your feet possess natural oil that gets smeared over the rug. And these oils work as a dust magnet. Hence, you better put on a pair of clean slipper to walk over the carpet.

Moreover, you can also clean your carpet every day with the vacuum cleaner so you can keep it new every day. It’s better if you opt for a cleaner that comes equipped with a HEPA filter.

And change it as well as the vacuum bag after every 6 months if you want a better result.

2. Phoning Up a Pro

Apart from keeping the carpet clean every day, you will also need to approach a pro cleaner at some point. Especially when the stains are visible. And it’s obvious that they know it better than you about how to clean carpet deeply.

It has been suggested that you give a professional cleaning to the home at least in 1 to 4 times a year relying on the seriousness of the situation. Carpets that got dirt in it will impact greatly on your health.

However, it will be wise if you pick a company that uses hot-water deep extraction while you hire a pro cleaner. It is stated to be the most efficient way to clean your carpets.

This or That

3. Traditional Broom or Modern Vacuum

So if you have a better discussion, you will realize what brooms actually do to you for real: they just push the dirt and debris around instead of collecting them.

Thus, let yourself skip sweeping and bid adieu to the broom. And grab a vacuum cleaner so you can get to work and deep clean your carpet. Show it ‘Tender Loving Care’ prior to starting the work.

Deep Clean Carpet with Modern Vacuum

There might be a solid possibility that you have not cleaned its HEPA filter or roller brush after you brought it home. And you already can guess how ignorance of essential maintenance can affect the vacuum and its suction power.

Neither it will be able to pick up the dirt, nor it can make you happy ultimately. So, before deep cleaning the carpet, better you deep clean your vacuum.

4. Microfiber Cloth or Sponge

If you think getting the cleanest sponge for the household will make your carpet clean, then hold on! you’re wrong. Even such sponges can work as a magnet for germs.

And as we generally do not expect us to keep a microscope at home, we can never say how much clean or dirty they are literally. So, give it a wide berth and settle on a microfiber cloth.

It’s wonderful at cleaning surfaces as we as carpets and you can machine-wash and quick dry it too. And you know what it can lead to in the end?- lesser chance of holding the germs and more chance of deep cleaning your carpet easily.

So, if you are not sure if you will pick sponge or microfiber cloth, I’ll say choose the latter one.

5. Steamer or Cleaner

Since floor cleaners mostly swear to clean them all, you will find them one of the best options to deep clean your floor. However, that just does not mean that steamers lag behind in the race.

They are a secret weapon as well to clean your toolkit. Right from removing stains off your vinyl floor or ceramic tile to murdering bacteria residing in hard-to-reach spots, the steamer can be great in this.

However, for deep cleaning carpet, it will be wise if you use a regular vacuum cleaner before heading to steam clean it. It will remove the top layer of the dust and crumb so your steam cleaner can put emphasis on deeper grimes or dirt.

After that, add hot water to the reservoir with a bit of solution and then start the task.

Tried and Tested Tips

6. With Baking Soda

Using a powder as a carpet cleaner can bring a wonderful result. It’s an amazing way to clean up the rug. Be it a powered rug cleaner or a baking soda, either of the options will work. The steps that you need to follow are:

  • At first, you will need to sprinkle the powder on the rug liberally with about 10 drops of your chosen essential oil.
Clean Carpet with Baking Soda
  • Then leave it like this for about half an hour. It will be better if you can leave it overnight since it will give the cleaner time to work by absorbing the odors and softening the blemishes.
  • Lastly, have the powder vacuumed up after you are done and see the result.

7. With Shampoo

It’s not like you will be using your own shampoo. There are shampoos for carpet as well that are available in the market. Not only they are popular but also a great way to deep clean the rug. However, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Prepare the solution that has been instructed on the packaging. In most of the cases, the shampoo requires get diluted in water.
  • Don’t use excess shampoo as it will ruin the carpet oppositely. Use the amount that will be enough to cover the rug.
  • Try not to make your carpet too wet. It will be a waste of the shampoo as well as will upturn time for drying.
  • Scour over the stubborn zones particularly with a hard bristled brush.
  • Leave the carpet to dry out.
  • Have the shampoo vacuumed after it gets dried?


Carpet cleaning isn’t a very easy task, so you should be careful when doing it. In some cases, you’d want to just hire a professional who knows how to do it. That way, you won’t risk damaging your precious carpet.

Or, if that’s impossible, you may just do some test cleaning on a small patch and see how it goes. If everything’s alright, you may proceed with the cleaning, but remember to be careful since carpets can be very delicate.

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