How to Clean Bathroom & Kitchen: 10 Tips to Clean Bathroom & Kitchen

How do people become ill? While there are many ways, two of the most obvious ones would be through our food habits and our bathrooms. Food is pretty much the only time you intentionally chug something into your body. The chances of germs getting inside are pretty high. On the other hand, bathrooms are places where you are exposed to more germs than anywhere else in your home. Needless to say, the chances of getting ill through either is pretty good. All the more reason to make sure your kitchen and bathroom are squeaky clean.

Clean Kitchen and Bathroom

10 Tips to Keep your Bathroom and Kitchen Clean


1. First of all, let’s start with the kitchen. One of the worst things to do is keeping appliances and utensils lying around on countertops, especially without getting them cleaned. Dirt attracts flies and other bugs that carry germs to your home. The first thing to do is to clear up the countertops after cleaning them all up. Put everything into cupboards and cabinets and suddenly your countertops don’t look so cluttered anymore. With more space and organization, it is easier to clean the entire kitchen up. Go scrub all over the countertops!

2. Next up, it is important to clean up everything after use. That includes pans, ovens, blenders, and even plates, knives and forks. After dinner, everybody says to themselves,” I’ll do it tomorrow morning!” and goes to bed. Not only do germs build up, but this procrastination also builds up every day, and soon enough you find yourself never getting to the cleaning until you need to use them again. All you need to do is start cleaning up on time, and the habit will hopefully follow you from then on.

3. It is also a good idea to have a coverable waste disposal bin in the kitchen for all sorts of dirt. This is one place you can dump everything from dirt to used tissue paper. Having one proper, common disposal bin in place makes it easy to identify the fastest way to get rid of disposables and also creates good disposal habits in the kitchen. Otherwise, people leave things like spills and used tissue lying around. In the end, it will be wise to mop the kitchen floor and a bagged vacuum will be very useful to make the kitchen floor spotless.

How to Clean Kitchen

4. Getting into a fixed routine with kitchen work also helps with keeping the kitchen clean. Most people have fixed times for cooking. Yet, people put off the cleaning as if it doesn’t need to be done. A better way to approach is if you cleaned the kitchen in fixed times as well. As you get used to cleaning the kitchen every day after dinner, the desire to clean will come naturally the next day.

5. Finally, with a set routine, have set days for major kitchen cleaning every month. For example, set refrigerator cleaning for the last day of every month, cupboards every 15 days, etc. Doing so will give you a goal to achieve every day and also keep everything in your kitchen clean. A pro tip would be using woodwork here and there to create additional spaces so that you can keep things even more organized.


6. Let’s get to the bathroom next. There are so many spots to clean in a bathroom, and you only get a limited time to clean it all. That is why you need to have the right kind of cleaning liquid for mirrors, glasses, and floor. You can find separate ones for each type of cleaning, and they do a better job than simply scrubbing with water. Liquid glass cleaners will not work as well with the floor, and tile scrubbers will not work with the mirror. In fact, stronger cleaners may cause permanent stains on the mirrors. It is always advised to use separate cleaners for each as a result.

7. Starting with the windows, there are separate glass cleaning liquids for window glass. What most people do is use the liquid and then deep cleanse it using some kind of scrub. But there are better ideas. Instead of deep cleansing somewhat regularly, you can get a squeegee for it. Squeegees are more efficient and will require less frequent cleaning afterward. Plus, squeegees can also clean ceramic and walls too.

8. Never leave water lying around anywhere. Just don’t. Leaving used water stored anywhere is a bad idea because of how unhealthy it is. Then, it also leaves stains and dirt on even after it has been drained. Keeping the water in bathtubs or the sink is not only disgusting, but it also leaves dirt and stains on. Dirty water on the floor is also criminal in the bathrooms. It helps spread germs and stains the floors of the bathroom. Drain all water, wipe off whatever water remains and then scrub it well.

How to Clean Bathroom

9. Of course, regarding things that can hold water, it always helps filling it with warm water first. Warm water causes dirt to loosen and so makes it easier to scrub stains off. In fact, warm water means you won’t have to scrub off stains with a special cleaning liquid. Plus, once you drain the water, a lot of the dirt goes along with it. A little bit of warm water can go a long way!

10. Finally, one thing that we know you will thank us for is using water repellent. They are fairly cheap, and all you do is spray it on to whatever surface you want the water to not stick to. The best part of doing this is that much of the water will run off and make its way to the drain by itself. Whatever little water is left can simply be scrubbed, and you don’t need to put much pressure on it either. There are variations of water repellents for bathroom doors, tiles and glass.

Final Words

Taking small measures can go a long way in making your life easier when it comes to cleaning. Given how important staying clean is, these might go a long way it making sure you get to clean your kitchen and bathrooms quicker and with less work. Now that you know some tips and tricks to clean your bathroom & kitchen, why don’t you put down your phone and go do it now?

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