Holife Handheld Cordless Vacuum Reviews: Great Little Vacuum Cleaner

Corded vacuum cleaners have become an old school thing. If you want the modern look of such machines, you must get yourself a cord-free one. Without the cord, you will have all the liberty to clean up your area just like the way you want. And if you ask for the options, then consider having this Holife Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. But why will you even have it? If this question stumbles on your mind, then this writes up will give you answer to it. So, to know the answer, let’s read out these Holife Handheld Cordless Vacuum Reviews that I got for you. It will help you know more about the vac so you can take the decision accordingly.

Holife Handheld Cordless Vacuum Reviews

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Features of Our Holife Handheld Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Cyclonic Suction

So, the Holife hand vacuum got a power that basically shows the main performance of the unit. And you know what it is? the power of cyclonic suction.

With 6KPA suction, it is able to suck up all the dirt it can encounter. And it is great for a daily session. There are many of you who might not know the main function of the feature.

But don’t worry, let me clear that out for you, there are many of the vacuums who now use cyclonic action to spin out all the debris so it can drop the dust cup and does not clog the filter.

Three in One

If you are fond of versatility, you are going to love the stuff Holife handheld vacuum come with. You will get about three add-ons with the machine so you can clean all kinds of debris using different processes. Let’s kick off with the crevice tool.

It is a very handy product to suck up the dust as it reaches out the tight corners making the job easier. Next one comes dust brush. With this, you can collect your hair or your pet shedding with ease.

Holife Hand Vacuum

Not only that, but it will also be helpful to take up the dust from the carpet as well. But the con is its flimsiness that might disappoint you. However, you will also get a liquid nozzle.

With this, you will be able to sweep the unwanted water spill with ease and get the job done effortlessly. So you can guess how much versatile the Holife cordless vacuum can be.

Battery and Recharge

The Holife dustbuster comes equipped with a Lithium battery that is able to hold more energy than many of the types. Having said that, you will get about 30 minutes to exhaust the battery if you run the cleaner nonstop.

Although, it offers longer runtime that’s where the downside comes, and that’s with the charging time. After you bring out all the juice from the machine, it will take about 4 hours to get charged completely.

And if you are someone impatient, you might hate that, just like I do. However, I guess the runtime is pretty sufficient to clean the whole room at one go. Hence, it is not a bad idea to have it. 

Dust Bowl and Filter

You will get a detachable dust bowl with the Holife vacuum cleaner so you can erase all the contents from the bin and toss them out into the garbage can.

And emptying the bin is just a child’s play, so it needs nothing to explain about. But yes, you might hate the fact that you will be required to keep on emptying it since the bin room is a bit small.

As for the filter, there are two. And both are made up of washable fabric that gives you access to wash them. So, if you want better performance, it’s better that you clean the filter sometimes with running water.

But avoid soap though. However, one important thing to note down is that you cannot wash it too frequently because it will make the part incapable since it requires to stay absolutely dry while you use the vac.

Suggested Accessories

Holife and Homasy Replaceable Filter for Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Washable and Reusable, 4 Pack Vacuum Filters (Model: HMHM207AWUS, HMHM207ASUS, HLHM036BW, HLHM036AB,HLHM208ABUS, KB-9005)
  • Applicable Model: The original replaceable and washable filters for Homasy Handheld Vacuum (Model: HMHM207AWUS, HMHM207ASUS, HLHM036BW, HLHM036AB, HLHM208ABUS, KB-9005 ).
  • Advanced Environmentally Friendly Materials: Made of environment friendly non-woven fabric material which is flexible, damp-proof and durable.
  • Easy to Clean: Just press the release button, remove filter, empty the dust container, and then clean the washable filter.
  • Advice: We recommend to replace the filter regularly so as to ensure the well performance of the vacuum cleaner.
  • What You Can Get: 4 pack HoLife replacement filters in the package.
T POWER [UL Listed] Ac Dc Adapter Charger Compatible with Holife Homasy HM036 6KPA Handheld Vacuum Cyclonic Suction Cordless Cleaner Power Supply (for 14.8V Lithium 85W-90W Vacuum ONLY !)
  • T-Power Made with Lithium-ion Batteries with 6.6 FEET LONG CABLE Power Supply Charger , Brand-new Input Voltage Range: AC 100V - 240V
  • Compatible Models: Holife HM036 Handheld Vacuum Cyclonic Suction Cordless Cleaner , Model: 6KPA , HLHM036BWUS , HLHMO36BWUS , SN: 1014018J62
  • Holife HM036 Handheld Vacuum Cordless, 6KPA , ADAPTOR: CZH024190078USWH , CZHO24190078USWH , Homasy 6KPA Portable Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum Cleaner , SN: USAS1-VTHMHM207AWUS , USAS1-VTHMHM207AWUS , USAS1-VTHMHM207AWUS-VD
  • ( Please Note ! that the Holife Vacuum Cleaner available in a number of different Models Number , Please Make sure Your Model or PN : Match this Listing , Thank you

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Upsides & Downsides


  • Cordless makes it convenient to use
  • It is easy to use anyway
  • Can suck up all the dirt from the carpet as well as from the bare floor
  • Comes with three attachments for versatility
  • The unobtrusive motor system makes it a quieter model
  • Weighs very light to use
  • Looks sleek and chic
  • Dustbowl is easy to empty
  • The filter is easy to wash
  • Comes with 40 minutes of runtime
  • Does the job quietly


  • Takes about 4 hours to get charged
  • You might find the shape of the handle a bit awkward
  • Frequent wash to filter might make the part unstable
  • The brush attachment bristle might not be durable

Alternative Products

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you wash the filter?

A: Yes, the unit comes with 2 filters and they are made up of washable materials. However, you can use running water to wash it but cannot use soap. Also, you cannot wash them too often since they need to stay completely dry and arid to run the machine properly. So, a round of every month for once will do.

Q: Does it come with a replaceable battery? How much charge cycle it got?

A: No, the vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a Lithium battery and you cannot replace it. However, the battery life features above 500 cycles of charge and it will not die until it finished the 500th cycle. Although, its capacity to hold the charge might get weaken.

Q: Does it come with attachments? What will I get with the unit?

A: Yes, it comes with three attachments to use the cleaner in different processes. It comes with a crevice tool, dust brush, and a liquid nozzle.

Q: What the length of the crevice tool?

A: The crevice tool is as long as 15cm or 5.9 inches.


We hope our Holife Handheld Cordless Vacuum Reviews gives you a clear idea about this vacuum cleaner. Holife handheld is all about performance and versatility. It has got the best skill to suck up the dust right from smaller to mid-sized ones.

It also offers a good amount of runtime that makes it more ideal to have the product. And since there are lesser cons that fail to defeat the pros, so there is no reason to not get it for your home. Just think about it.

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