Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors: 6 Tricks to Prevent Scratches on Floors

Going through some major renovation does add some fun to the house. But what about when moving your furniture from spot to spot? Does it feel the same? Nope, I guess. There is no sound that feels as depressing as the sound of your furniture scuffing the wooden floor. It’s like your floor is already screaming and crying out for help to get saved from the damage. If you can relate to the misery, you will understand how important it gets to take some measures for it. So, for your rescue, you will find some useful tricks of using the furniture pads for hardwood floors in this article. Try them out and see yourself!

Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors

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Few Tricks to Use Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors to Prevent Scratches

1. Just Stop Dragging It!

It’s literally common sense that if you drag your furniture, it will start screaming only to let you know that your hardwood floor is all getting ruined. Most of the damages to the wood floor occur only when you drag the furniture throughout the surface.

You might find it faster than pulling your friend to help you move it but trust me, the result will not be that much pleasing. If it’s at least possible, try picking it off the floor and then move it. If you can’t do it alone, call your mate (has to be a little stronger though) and then hold your furniture up and move it. Protecting the floor will definitely be worth it.

2. Employ an Area Rug Maybe?

One of the niftiest ways to help protect your wood from gouging or scratching would be if you use an area rug. Once you start keeping your furniture on the top of your rug, you will notice the difference as it will help you avoid damages and scratches to the hardwood flooring.

On top of that, you can also add up elegance to the home if you get yourself some stylish rug.

3. Take Some Wheels into Account

This would be another wise option to save your wood floor from scratches. You can pick up furniture with wheels such as a cabinet or other unit of entertainment and save the day.

They will make your moving job way easier from one spot to another spot when you have redecoration tasks in hand. Nonetheless, it’s better you choose appropriate wheels because the wrong ones tend to leave some marks and ruin your floor ultimately.

Furniture Pads

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So, opt for getting yourself ball wheels or no-mark rubber wheels. Make sure you wipe up the wheels frequently as well. Because the grimes sticking to them might cause damages to the floor while the wheels are rolled on it and I guess you don’t want that right?

4. Scan the Feet

No, not your feet. Check the feet of your old furniture and try to do that regularly. But don’t limit to the old ones, you will also need to check new ones as well prior to putting it on the wooden floor.

It has been seen many of the times that the legs get rough or worn, and in this situation, you might wish to try out light sanding so you can ensure they don’t scrape the floor.

5. Grab Some Furniture Pads

Getting yourself some furniture or glider pads will give extra comfort to your floor. They do not only cushion the corner or legs of furniture but also raise them off the floor a little.

There is a lot of type of pads that are made up of different material. Although, you might consider getting felt pads since they let your furniture get dragged or moved.

So, you will have no job to either hold it or put it on wheels. And when you stick felt pads to the legs of your chair, you will realize how much protective they get towards the floor.

Don’t get scared after feeling the wobble while sitting on the chair with felt pads. They won’t make you fall down.

However, here are some suggestions you might consider:

Nail-on Pads

These are attached to the legs of the furniture with a small screw or nail. They are considered to be one of the most secured furniture pads for hardwood floors. Assure yourself so you set them up correctly or else the exposed nails might scuff the floor in due course.

Slip-on Pads

There is another kind of furniture pads that protect the hardwood floors. They are made up of rubber or soft plastic and basically are set up on the feet of the furniture.

Adhesive Pads

These pads usually are peeled and glued to the bottom of the furniture legs either using a rubber surface or felt touching the flooring. There is a little grime of using such pads which is, it tends to lose its adhesive power over time that requires you to replace it as soon as possible.

6. Try Out DIY Pads

It will be cost effective, reasonable and most importantly, it will be something you can be proud of. Although, it will take your effort that effort will be worth taking. However, making your own pads will not require many of the stuff. You will get them around you.

DIY Pads for Hardwood Floors

However, for DIY pads, get some quilts or soft materials and cut them up. They will be a great option to use as makeshift pads. Place them under the legs of the furniture and see the magic.

If not that, you can also take a heavy piece of construction paper to put under the corners and protect from scratches. If you still want more options, then here are some other materials you can work with:

Felt: You can DIY felt as well. Cut the felt material and have the thick pieces of the material glued to the legs and then you are done.

Rug: Get an old scrap of the rug and cut it into pieces. Then stick the pieces to the legs of furniture facing the soft side to the floor.

Velcro: You can also get some Velcro and place the soft side of its adhesive piece touching the floor.

Towel: You can also use an old towel for making some beneficial pads.

Final Words

You may use just one of our tips or maybe even all at once. However, when thinking about the well-being of your hardwood floors, don’t also forget about your own convenience. It’s not possible to use rugs everywhere, for example, so you’d need to think about making use of the other tips. The needs of everyone are different, so make sure to take yours into account!

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