Deebot M80 Pro Reviews: An Awesome and Easy to Assemble Robot

Robot happens to be a smart invention. But what if you get yourself a robot in the form of a vacuum cleaner? Then you can just sit on the couch, grab some potato chips and monitor your robot doing all the cleaning job for you. Having a cleaner like this will simply be a bliss. And if this talk is inciting that wish in you, then it will also provide a solution for you. And that solution is the Deebot m80 pro. With this, you will not only be having a break from the most tiring work but also be observing the smart cleaning session. And this Deebot M80 Pro Reviews will focus on all the striking features that make it a tremendous device.

Deebot M80 Pro Reviews

We have also reviewed the Deebot N79s Robot Vacuum, another model from Ecovacs in case you missed that one.

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Features of Our Deebot M80 Pro Reviews

5 Stage Cleanup

The M80 pro undoubted does a lot. Just needs a pass and its 5-stage cleanup process will do all the job. But what does this trait actually do? Firstly, the main brush tends to pick up all the dirt and debris while the side brushes sweep them all to the center of the vacuum.

Then the vacuum will happen to suck them up with a powerful motor that comes with the unit. Subsequently, the wet and dry mopping system will get to work of mopping. Then the water tank will damp the cloth pad for further cleaning of the floor. It will also work on drying the floor and giving it a glossy look as the unit passes.

It will do all of the jobs simultaneously so you can take a break from all the chores.

Modes of Vacuuming

The Ecovacs M80 Pro features a lot of targeted cleaning modes.

  • Auto mode: Have your house cleaned up automatically with this Auto mode for a daily cleaning session.
  • Single room mode: Have your room cleaned up with this Single room mode since it will just focus on sweeping one room only.
  • Intensive clean mode: This is a little aggressive mode than the automatic one. However, it is great for dustier and dirtier surfaces. The main brush will not only spin faster but will also provide stronger suction through the powerful motor.
Ecovacs M80 Pro
  • Edge mode: Have your edges of wall cleaned up with this Edge mode.
  • Spot cleaning mode: This mode commands M80 to focus on one specific spot so it can provide a thorough clean. Firstly, it will move around a smaller circle for cleaning it and then will move around a wider area.


This unit comes with 3 types of sensors that stop it from falling off the stairs. It will also block the unit from dropping higher than 3.1 inches. This is the Anti-drop sensor for you.

However, there is another one that prevents the robot from bumping into walls or furniture through its Anti-collision sensor.

These sensors will not only keep the device safe but also will help it move around with more efficiency and adeptness.

The third one is a spot cleaning mode. It helps the unit to clean up the dirt automatically after you spill something on the floor.

Charge and Recharge

The M80 happens to find its way back to the charging station on its own so it can recharge itself automatically. So you do not have to wait any longer for the robot to vacuum it and take all the effort to go and recharge it.

Although, if you somehow live in a house having multiple rooms, then the unit might have a harder time locating the dock. Other than that, it is indeed a very useful trait to have.

Remote Control

  • The M80 comes with a remote control that lets you do multiple stuff.
  • It lets you force the device to get back to the charging dock after it is done the cleaning.
  • It lets you control the device manually making it move left and right or forward and backward.
  • It lets you start or pause cleaning.
  • It lets you set the current time and schedule.


The unit comes with 500 ml dustbin featuring Anti-Spill factor. It does not only promote longer cleaning session but also shows a high efficient side of the filtration system to prevent the dust spillage while emptying the bin.

Suggested Accessories

GIBTOOL 4-Pack Wet & Dry Mircofiber Mopping Cloth for Ecovaces Deebot DT85 DT83 DM81
  • This mopping cloth is one-piece cloth that includes sweeping and mopping areas, when the Deebot is working, the cloth helps to sweep and mop the floor at the same time
  • Blue area: sweeps the floor and removes the stain, White area: mop the floor
  • Made of microfiber, strong water absorption, washable and reusable
  • Compatible with Ecovacs DEEBOT DN78(water tank version) DM80 DM80 Pro DM81 DM85S DM88 DR95 DR96 DR98 Slim Slim2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • 4 pcs for this price is a good bargin
Electropan Replacement Ecovacs Accessory Kit for DEEBOT M80 M80 Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Brush Filter Mop Cloths for Ecovacs Deebot DT85 DT83 DM81 DM85
  • Replacement Ecovacs Deebot m80 accessories. Please noted this is replacement accessories, not the Genuine. It is 100% competible with the Genuine
  • Main Brush is made up of Rubber brush & nylon brush & Fiber brush. 3 different matariel of the brush to deal with different dust and deeply clean the dust in awkward places, strongly gather dust without leaking
  • Durable Mop cloths can polish and sweep the floor to be bright and clean as new, its ultra soft microfiber material is with effective cleaning pad that won't scratch or smear the floor
  • Good quality Hepa Filter, its sponge has a potent effect on filtering particulate, such as cigarette smoke, pollen, dust and other particles which reaches up to 99.97%

Video Review: Ecovacs Deebot M80 Pro

Upsides & Downsides


  • Easy to use
  • 5 stage cleaning process ensures cleaning the dirt thoroughly
  • Modes of cleaning promote the versatility of the device
  • Sensors do a great job in doing the work on its own
  • Gets back to the dock station on its own for self-recharging
  • Comes with longer runtime
  • Remote control lets you command the robot to do the job
  • Great capacity dustbin promoting Anti-spill factor


  • Having multiple rooms might confuse the robot in locating the dock station
  • Can get stuck under the furniture
  • There is no carrying handle
  • Might bump into chair legs sometimes
  • Gets tangled with cords or wires
  • No virtual wall

Alternative Products

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Would you put the cleaning solution in the tank or just in water?

A: It is recommended that you do not put a cleaning solution in the tank. It would be better if you spray a little drop just on the mopping pad.

Q: When it mops, will it avoid rug? Or do I need to set up a barrier?

A: It will not avoid the rug. You are required to set a barrier up if you don’t want it to eat the rug.

Q: Does the mopping work?

A: Yes, it works as well as you expect it to. It tends to drag a damp microfiber rag across the floor behind the unit. It is easily attachable and detachable. The tank has to be filled up with water. And depending on the amount of dirt, it will do its work greatly. Although, it will not scrub.

Final Words

So, this Deebot M80 Pro Reviews will give you a clear idea about the robot vacuum before making a buying decision. Just think about it once, you are getting a guy that will do the job of an ordinary vacuum cleaner and a mopping robot.

This Ecovacs Robot will not only be sweeping your floor but also be mopping and drying it too. So, get ready to buff up your floor because this Deebot M80 pro has already outstripped all of its rivals for this incredible performance.

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