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Why Vacuum Cleaner Loses Suction and How to Fix Lost Vacuum Suction

Why Vacuum Cleaner Loses Suction

The vacuum cleaner was invented in the early 20th century. Before the invention of vacuums, the only way to clean your house was to dust, sweep and mop it by hand. This was a rather laborious and time-intensive task. Since its invention vacuum cleaners have come very far in terms of suction power and the […]

When Vacuum Cleaner Invented: The Brief History of Vacuum Cleaners

When Vacuum Cleaner Invented

Vacuum cleaners are one of the best inventions of science. It is a device which uses the vacuum to suck different kinds of dirt and particles from floors and other surfaces. It can even suck up from furniture and upholstery. Making sure every item of the house or office is clean is the primary job […]

Vacuum Smells Like Burning: How to Keep Vacuum Cleaners Smell Fresh

Vacuum Smells Like Burning

A bad vacuum can never do good to anyone. Neither it gives a good performance, nor it gives off a good smell. And people end up asking their machine that why vacuum smells like burning and why does it even exist. However, your vacuum smells bad but that does not mean that the machine is […]

How do Robot Vacuum Cleaners Work: How Smart They Really are!

How Do Robot Vacuum Cleaners Work

Robot vacuums better understand how they can get the job done smartly. Not only they have outshined the traditional ones (in most cases) but also have won people by helping them do their work without involving them. While you let them roam around your home, you might wonder how they actually work? Well, these robots […]

Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors: 6 Tricks to Prevent Scratches on Floors

Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors

Going through some major renovation does add some fun to the house. But what about when moving your furniture from spot to spot? Does it feel the same? Nope, I guess. There is no sound that feels as depressing as the sound of your furniture scuffing the wooden floor. It’s like your floor is already […]